Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1.    Question: The subject is interesting for me but I am worried about what is going to happen with the given information?

Answer: The information will be handled in a completely confidential way and it will only be used for statistical purposes, meaning that no personal data neither contact data will be published whatsoever. The data base has been inscribed as per Law Nº 25.326 de Protección de Datos Personales (Protection of Personal Data) and its Regulatory Decree 1558/01 in total agreement with international law on this matter.
The e-mail for contacting you will be only used in case you accept receiving information related to the Project in question.

2.    Question: Which are the benefits of answering this form?

Answer: By answering and filling in this form, you will be helping us to establish the basis for designing regional strategies for promoting telecommuting services in foreign countries and this will produce more working opportunities. The systematization of these data will allow highlighting the importance of this working modality.

3.    Question: Could I have access to the results telling me where can I offer my telecommuting services?

Answer: We will inform about all possible countries and attractive market sectors to enable you to offer telecommuting services. The statistical data briefing will be published in the site of the project

4.    Question: Which is the goal of the form chosen design?

Answer: Our main goal was looking for simplicity, accessibility and quickness.

5.    Question: If I do not live in Latin America or the Caribbean may I answer it?

Answer: Yes, you can.

6.    Question:  May I choose more than one option when answering?

In each question, we indicate if you can choose multiple options. When it is not allowed to choose many alternative answers, please choose the answer you think is most  adequate.

7.    Question: Should I know all the informatics programs you are asking me about to be a telecommuter?

Answer: No, it is enough if you use all the necessary programs for offering your services.  

8.    Question: May I answer even if I am not still a telecommuter?

Answer: Of course, you can. The idea is to evaluate the offer not the experience allowing us to detect the potential telecommuters.

9.    Question:  If I do a mix between on site and on line work, am I a telecommuter?

Answer: Yes, the telecommuting work part-time is one of the telecommuting modalities.

10.    Question: If I have more than one activity, should I fill in the form many times?

Answer: It is not possible to fill it in more than once. Please choose your main telecommuting activity.

11.    Question: If I make a pause or an interruption when filling in the form, should I enter all the information once again?

Answer: If you have entered your e-mail to begin filling in the form, you can go on from the very point in which you paused. An e-mail will be sent to you with a link with which you will be able to enter again into the form in order to complete your data. Therefore, please be sure you have entered a valid e-mail and one you can easily open.

12.    Question:  Where may I send my request for information?
Answer:  You can write us to