Export of teleservices for the social and labor inclusion of Latin America and the Caribbean

Pablo Berrettella


Database design for the offer and demand identification and advice to the work team.


Curriculum Vitae


·         Electronic Technical - Leonardo Murialdo Institute – Villa Bosch.

·         Electronic Engineer – University of Buenos Aires (34 of 36 passed signatures)




·         Users applications with databases access of local and remote data (ODBC, ADO, DAO, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, SyBase, Visual Basic)

·         Server pages for Internet with access to database (PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, JavaScript).

·         Server pages for intranet with access to local and remote database (ASP, VBS, JavaScript)

·         Web Sites design (Dreamweaver)

·         Design of graphics application for Web (Flash)

·         Programming of office computer application for tasks automations (Visual Basic for Applications)

·         Hardware devices simulation (VHDL)

·         Extensive experience in Windows-DOS environments.

·         Experience in UNIX environment (Linux, Solaris)

·         Programming Languages: Visual Basic, C, Pascal.

·         Script Programming: PHP, Visual Basic Script, JavaScript.

·         Telecommunication Management Network (TMN).

·         Mediation, capture and log processing of communication equipment (TDM, FR, ATM, Routers, Radioenlaces)

·         Supervision of communication equipment via SNMP.

Labor Antecedents

·         Diveo Argentina SA. October 1999 – February 2002.

·         Responsible Network Management Report.

·         Computer Support of the Network Planning Area.

·         Responsible for Gateway Planning.

·         Computer Support and Technician of the Installations Area.

·         Computer Support of the Telefonía area.

·         Red Alternativa SA. November 2000 – June 2003.

·         GIS Consultant.

·         Freelance for database and Internet.

·         Ombudsman of the Nation – University of Alcalá de Henares. April 2003 – Present.

·         Development of the Institutional Web Site.

·         Development of internal systems.

·         Computer and Network Support.

·         ICDL Argentina. April 2003 – September 2003.

Development of the Evaluation System and ICDL Argentina Administration.

·         Planning.

Software tools development for the communications networks planning on the analysis of commercial forecasts.