Export of teleservices for the social and labor inclusion of Latin America and the Caribbean

Sebastián Bruno


Forms design and tabulate construction. 

Curriculum Vitae


·         Sociology University Degree (Buenos Aires University, Argentina)

Academic Antecedents

·         Since 1999, is carrying out as department assistant on the subject Social Investigation Methodology, Errandonea – Giusti Department, Sociology Career (UBA).

·         Since 2004, is carrying out as assistant on the subject Informatics and Social Relationships, Cafassi Department, Sociology Career (UBA).

Labor Antecedents

·         Since 1999, is carrying out on the National Direction of Social and Population Statistic (INDEC) in data analysis tasks, conceptual design and planning, coordination and pollster training on special relieves: ELEP 2000 (Survey to bordering migrants in Pergamino) and ECMI 2002-2003 (Complementary Survey to International Migration – Neuquén, Mendoza, Jujuy, Salta, Formosa, Misiones, Capital Federal, Gran Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz and Alto Valle from Río Negro). At present, is coordinating the Complementary Survey to International Migrations diffusion 2002-2003.

·         Since 2002, integrates de Scientific Communicative Area from Social Science Department (UBA). He performs as Web Administrator/Webmaster. They design and actualize the contents of the FCS-UBA website and since 2001 he coordinates the project for the incorporation of chairs into the academic space created for that ( )