Export of teleservices for the social and labor inclusion of Latin America and the Caribbean

Naum Poliszuk


He will work on the form design for the information relieve of the offer and the demand of teleservices.

He will do the pursuit of the data capture on the different LAC countries.

He will analyze the data and elaborate the report.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Antecedent

·         Specialist in the changes on work process on the last 25 years in the Argentinean Industries, 4 years.

·         About Modernity, 1997.

·         Participation on the workshop organization as General Coordinator of the projects “The University on the Neighborhoods” of the Extension Secretary of the F.F.yL. and “Socials goes to the street” of the Extension Secretary of the FCS, both from the UBA, 6 years.

·         President of the Civil Association “ToJunto” IGJ. Resolution number 000994.

·         Director from de Teleworker and Teleformation Center, with the Lic. Sonia Boiarov.